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Why would I need a feasibility study in Pennsylvania?

Feasibility studies are research projects completed before or at the very beginning of a project. The biggest reason for a feasibility study is to reduce risk and help identify the unknowns at the beginning of a project (for example, what will be the local environmental impact of new construction on the local community?).

    Normally the goals of feasibility studies are:
  • To determine if a project is viable.
  • Help identify different options and approaches to be taken during production
    Often there are numerous areas that can benefit from a feasibility study, such as:
  • Helping to get permision to build
  • Predict the environmental impact of the proposed project
  • Satisfy legal issues and approvals
  • Aid in budget analysis (is a project doable within the stated budget?)
  • Help to coordinate project land appraisals
  • The choice between two or more potential building sites.

While S. E. Smoker will often facilitate a feasiblity study, almost always the finished studies are made up of reports from a few different experts and/or sources who's help is enlisted as needed. The true benefit of the study is not in its creation, it is in the communications that arise from the findings, along with the expert opinions given.

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